15 February 2017

Talking about The Team and China

The Taklamakan desert has a fearsome reputation as China’s largest desert. Many have dared to venture into its interior in a quest for legendary treasures buried beneath her shifting dunes and never been seen again. Taklamakan’s literal translation is ‘the desert you go in and don’t come out’. Travelling the full length of approximately 1,000 km over giant, shifting sand dunes – and out the other side, I will be leading the small team of men and women both English and Chinese, across this part of China which is surrounded by the famous Silk Road. The expedition will promote closer ties, both cultural and commercial, between China and the UK, providing an opportunity to further the interest and understanding of the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ initiative through the endeavours of global exploration and to showcase the merits of close collaboration between Chinese and British cultures.

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Rosie Stancer - 2017 Taklamakan Anglo-Chinese Expedition

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