14 February 2019

See you on the ice.......

“See you on the ice” will take on a whole new meaning for Mike Laird (pictured above) and I when we meet at the half-way point of The Long Haul – the 725km walk across frozen Lake Baikal. The ‘double solo’ duo will encounter extreme cold, wind, ice, possibly the odd bear, ice fracturing and stretches of ice boulders where rivers enter the lake. And when we meet? “We will share a cup of tea, take some photos and exchange information about the routes we have covered so the other knows what to expect. If we meet late afternoon, we will set up tents next to each other for a night” – says Mike. “Tea? More like sharing a quick vodka beneath the Veterans Aid banner!” – I add. https://veterans-aid.net/longhaul/

The Long Haul 2019

An idea of how far Lake Baikal is from Moscow

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