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“The diminutive Rosie is an astonishing force on the podium and the extraordinary images she has from her expeditions create a stunning backdrop to her presentations.
Rosie illustrates just what it takes to achieve outstanding goals. Although many of her expeditions are solo, she highlights the power of teamwork, leadership and preparation without which she would not have achieved any of her world records”. “A captivating public speaker.”  

Having entertained and educated audiences at events in China, USA and Europe, a sample of her clients include, the Royal Geographic Society, the British Army, Radley College, The Guild of Master Bakers, the London top 100 Women in Business forum, Abercrombie and Kent, Accenture and INVESTEC.

In her role as Ambassador of SOGB and VP of the Scientific Exploration Society SES, she is often asked to present awards with motivation, to winners and participants alike.

Inspiring motivational talks, based on her ground-breaking expeditions to the South and North Poles, have made her an extremely popular and sought after speaker. She has captivated audiences at a number of major global corporate conferences, many events focused on women in the business world and motivational speaking on specific training techniques for mental aptitude with cognitive and behavioural effort in order to manage taxing demands. Rosie is often asked for her anecdotal experience of the environmental changes that are impacting the world today. She is a spellbinding speaker, mixing insight with intellect, perspicacity and wit. She is experienced in interview style appearances as well as sitting on discussion panels.

Sample topics for motivational speaking include:

• Goal attainment – the integral values of valour, dedication and self-belief
• Mental strength: why mental agility is as important as physical grit
• Personal motivation: overcoming fear of failure and other obstacles, the role of discipline and creative thinking

Furthermore, Rosie may be of particular interest to companies who have:

• Innovative gender and diversity initiatives
• Corporate ‘ambassador’ Programmes
• Mentoring Programmes
• Corporate retreats / training experiences, where senior management are challenged and guided by Rosie in extreme environments such as the Arctic or Antarctic

If you are interested in booking Rosie for a talk or would like to find out more about how she can assist your company in its goals, please fill in the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page

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HRH Princess Tessy of Luxembourg with Rosie Stancer minutes before they both braved the ICE POLAR PLUNGE in London in aid of SOGB Special Olympics Great Britain

Taklamakan Anglo-Chinese Expedition

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Joint team will attempt to cross ‘Desert of Death’

  • Rosie Stancer will lead a team of adventurers on a trek across the Taklamakan Desert.***
    Rosie Stancer: a team of adventurers will a trek across the Taklamakan Desert CREDIT: PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY
    17 JANUARY 2017 • 3:59PM
    Cecily Liu
    A team of nine British and Chinese adventurers will attempt to cross China’s Taklamakan Desert, known as the ‘Desert of Death’.

The Taklamakan Desert in Northwest China has fascinated generations of explorers with its mountainous dunes, huge temperature changes and lack of water, but its full width has been crossed just once, in 1993.

Now a group of nine Chinese and British adventurers is making preparations to match that endeavour in a 10-week expedition next September. They plan to travel from west to east on foot for 620 miles across what has been called the Desert of Death.

“We want this epic expedition to be seen as a gesture of teamsmanship between China and Great Britain,” said the team leader, Rosie Stancer, 56, an explorer who has trekked at the North Pole and South Pole. Two other British team members and six Chinese will travel with her.

Other recorded attempts were defeated by hunger, thirst and the desert’s ferocious sandstorms
Celine Dong, a Chinese member of the team who works for a financial technology company in Hong Kong, said the Taklamakan’s location along a route of the Belt and Road Initiative greatly appealed to her and matched her identity.

Ms Dong has lived and worked in both China and Britain, and she previously worked on deals connecting the two through the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Taklamakan, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, about the size of Vietnam, with an area of 130,120 square miles. Despite its location on the ancient Silk Road, ancient traders used to go around it rather than attempt to cross it.

The Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, who crossed the shorter north-south route, lost two men, almost all his camels and nearly died himself in 1895. Other recorded attempts were defeated by hunger, thirst and the desert’s ferocious sandstorms.

Ms Stancer said she sees the expedition as a physical and psychological challenge.

“It’s a psychological journey to live with such quietness and loneliness for 10 weeks. You need to go with nature and not to conquer it.”

But she said a sense of fulfilment will make the trek worth it.

Legend has it that the desert is full of the spirits of the past
“Legend has it that the desert is full of the spirits of the past. I’m fascinated by this place and want to discover more about it.”

The successful 1993 crossing was led by the British explorer Charles Blackmore, who organised a British- Chinese expedition that included Richard Graham,now chairman of the All Party Parliamentary China Group in the UK.

Mr Graham, recalling the diffculties that were encountered, said: “The strain of tugging camels over sand mountains, feet sinking with every step, took its toll.”

When Mr Graham’s team nearly completed the crossing, Queen Elizabeth II sent a telegram of congratulations, and China issued a commemorative stamp. Mr Blackmore later published a book titled Conquering the Desert of Death: Across the Taklamakan.

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