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Expeditions invariably test you with challenges but it always seems to be the toughest one that is the least expected. For Rosie, hers has been one of wrestling with the unanticipated challenge of a waiting game. The global escalation of the Covid-19 virus necessitated the rescheduling of The Aral Crossing expedition, originally planned for 2019, for Summer 2021.

So this is the year, God willing, that the first full crossing by foot of the Aral Kum will be realised.

Expedition Sponsors:

We are delighted to have been joined in product sponsorship by Grayl .  One of their key innovative products (of out the several they are providing) is their water purification system – a mission-critical piece of gear for us ensuring, through a simple process, that our drinking water (from what will probably be sketchy sources) is clear of pathogens, chemicals, pesticides, wriggly undesirables and much more. It also improves taste, smell, and clarity!

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Memorably described by one journalist as “a cross between Tinkerbell and the Terminator,” Rosie’s appearance belies the inner strength that has so successfully propelled her to previous polar success. A diminutive 5’3,” Rosie Stancer is not built in the image of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen. Her achievements are testimony to the fact that dreams can be realised through skill, determination and courage.


We are immensely thankful to our past and current expedition sponsors and without whom, we wouldn’t be able to take the first steps of any of these great journeys.

If you would like to participate in sponsoring us to make these projects happen, we would be delighted if you would contact us.

Next Expedition

For the next expedition in August 2021, two intrepid British women will next take on the grit, salt pans, sand drifts and mud of one of the planet’s youngest deserts, born of what is recognised as one of our planet’s worst man-made environmental disasters. The Aral Kum.

Rosie will be accompanied by her erstwhile polar and expedition teammate of long, Pom Oliver. 

Aral Kum

In August 2021, Rosie will lead her small team through the grim desertscape of the Aral Kum, once a bountiful inland sea. The expedition will serve as a clarion call to the devastating effect of water drainage to feed such industries as fashion.Whilst observing the legacy of that fast fashion has bequeathed the planet, they will also be learning what measures have and are being undertaken to redeem the situation and their efficacy. Besides the physical endeavour, and mental challenge, It promises to be an aesthetically hideous expedition, but one that draws global publicity to the underlying issues of water misuse.

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