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Memorably described by one journalist as “a cross between Tinkerbell and the Terminator,” Rosie’s appearance belies the inner strength that has so successfully propelled her to previous polar success. A diminutive 5’3,” Rosie Stancer is not built in the image of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen. Her achievements are testimony to the fact that dreams can be realised through skill, determination and courage.


We are immensely thankful to our past and current expedition sponsors and without whom, we wouldn’t be able to take the first steps of any of these great journeys.

If you would like to participate in sponsoring us to make these projects happen, we would be delighted if you would contact us.

Next Expedition

For the next expedition, three intrepid British women will next take on the grit, salt pans, sand drifts and mud of one of the planet’s youngest deserts, the Aral Kum.

The team, led by Rosie Stancer, is made up of her erstwhile polar teammate of long, Pom Oliver, and distinguished war artist Arabella Dorman who will join at various stages to sketch and paint the desertscape and fishing communities.


Our next expedition in May 2020 will be raising awareness of, and funds for, Veterans Aid, a small UK based Charity, recognised and highly respected for its impact and efficacy in addressing ex-veterans’ homelessness, by taking them in, providing professionally driven support to aid them to recovery, then prepare and train them to return to the working world, often providing leads to gainful employment.

Find out what we’ve been up to with our “Explorer Express”

All on the Same Journey

All on the Same Journey

Expeditions invariably test you with challenges but it always seems to be the toughest one that is the least expected. This time the Aral Crossing team face the same unanticipated challenge as the rest of the world. We are all on a voyage into the unknown.  The global...

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Pawing Over the Map

Pawing Over the Map

A route briefing with Arabella, map spread out on her studio floor, offered some hairy moments with a determined bid from her two darling Irish terriers to be a presence if not at certainly on and all over the Aral Kum. As an ex Irish terrier owner, not only is all...

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