Expeditions invariably test you with challenges but it always seems to be the toughest one that is the least expected. This time the Aral Crossing team face the same unanticipated challenge as the rest of the world. We are all on a voyage into the unknown.  The global escalation of the Covid-9 virus has, sadly but not surprisingly, necessitated the expedition having to be rescheduled for September 2020. God willing.

The decision was made for the team last week with the closure of Kazakhstan borders, sensibly enough, and consequent suspension of our sponsoring airline AIR ASTANA on those routes. This is a time for each team member to be with their families, at home. If circumstances allow for it, the team are hoping to fulfil a month-long, 900 km long training exercise in May, based in the UK. This would allow the team to test themselves, their skills, their specialist kit as well as rehearse a variety of drills. But of course, all interim plans rest about government’s advice.

In the meantime, the team won’t be expected to loll on their sofas throughout periods of self-isolation but will train virtually with the coach and medic, and continue to refine their preparations. Suddenly it seems there’s barely enough time!

Life is as big as your handbag I say. No matter the size, it’s always crammed full. Wishing our sponsors, Veterans Aid charity, and all supporters and participants strength, stoicism and good health. ​