Polar Expeditions

Mars North Pole Solo – 2007

Royal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales
In aid of Special Olympics GB

Rosie skied, climbed and swam solo, over the surface of the frozen Arctic Oceans across shifting ice, towards the geographic North Pole for 84 days.

Battling conditions that are now recognised as the worst on record she travelled on foot, solo for 426 nautical miles. Because of these climate and ice conditions, she eventually subjugated her own ambitions for the safety off the pilots who would be risking their own safety by landing on the fast disintegrating ice AT 90 degrees north. Only days before reaching her goal, the treacherous condition of the ice, would have made the Pilots landing at the North Pole a few days later too dangerous and therefore impossible to pick her off the ice.

Rosie had traveled significantly further than any previous attempt by women and became the woman to come closest to reaching the pole by several hundred miles. Breaking the world record, the woman to go furthest Solo towards the North Pole 426 Nautical Miles, she was 89 Nautical Miles short of her goal – 90 degrees North.

Snickers South Pole Solo – 2003/4

Royal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales
In aid of Special Olympics GB

Rosie skied solo and without resupply to the South Pole. Hauling a sledge more than twice her body weight for over 1000 km, She reached the Pole in 43 days 23 hours, smashing all previous years’ speed records by 7 days. During the expedition Rosie gathered both meteorological and physiological data..

M&G ISA South Pole Expedition – 1999-2000

Royal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales
In aid of Special Olympics GB

Rosie and four other women became the first British women to walk unguided to the South Pole. Together, they planned, researched and trained for the expedition.

Meteorological data was gathered on route and submitted to the Omega Foundation. This was the team’s second 1st for Great Britain

McVities All Women’s Penguin Polar Relay In aid of St John’s Ambulance – 1996/7

The first step in her polar career, Rosie joined 19 other women in an audacious challenge to ski to the North Pole. Together with 2 female guides, they relayed across the Arctic Ocean.

Determination, resourcefulness and teamwork saw them overcome the arctic hazards and polar inexperience to become the first all-female team to reach the North Pole.

It was a much-publicised and popular 1st for Great Britain.

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