Rosie undertakes an arduous training regime tailored to meet endurance challenges. Clearly not of a beefy build, Rosie is a great believer that gaining body strength feeds mental confidence.  She adheres rigidly to her programme which varies daily to include, gym work and weights to build strength and outdoor circuits; pulling, lifting and throwing landrover tyres, flipping 80-kilo tyres, rope climbing and mission tasking to build physical and mental endurance, cross country running with landrover tyre attached, or long slow hauls with a couple of ‘landie’ tyres.

Outdoor training exercise and challenges are undertaken to ensure high fitness levels are being maintained along with remaining inured to hardship eg overnight timed marches with a weighted rucksack over Pen Y Fan on the Fandance SAS trail.

But gym and skills-training (from navigation to first-aid in the field) is all part of this, drilled by expedition coach by ex-para Lee Watts at LW FITNESS FOR ALL.

Lee ‘Asbo’ Watts is the Team coach and is currently also pummelling Pom and Arabella into shape for the Aral crossing. Whilst not joining this particular expedition, Lee is on the Taklamakan team and will be joining future expeditions.