A trio of Sport and Exercise Psychologists are conducting research on Rosie Stancer as well as the team participating in the expeditions that she will undertake during 2019/20.

Dr Tracey Devonport, Dr Carla Meijen and Juliette Lloyd are monitoring psychological states and coping strategies before, during and after Rosie’s expeditions in a bid to explore firstly what kinds of challenges she faces and thereafter which coping mechanisms she uses at different moments of the expedition.

They will be using questionnaires and diaries filled in during the trip as well as interviews and additional material to explore Rosie’s innermost thoughts and feelings. They are hoping that their findings will be shared and inform the thinking of other athletes and teams involved in endurance events.


Further Research includes:

Sensory and cognitive neuroscience: visual perception and visual dysfunction; visual stress; colour vision; perceptual interactions between vision and touch; neural correlates of emotional states; the cognitive neuroscience of emotion;

Social psychology: social cognitive theories of health-related behaviour; attitudes, decision-making, intention-behaviour relations and self-regulation; volitional strategies and habit.



Keeping Your Cool: A Case Study of a Female Explorer’s Solo North Pole Expedition.
Tracey J. Devonport, PhD; Andrew M. Lane, PhD; Juliette Lloyd, MSc



Sleep Profiles and Mood States During an Expedition to the South Pole
Charles R Pedlar, MSc; Andrew M. Lane, PhD; Juliette C. Lloyd, MSc; Jean Dawson, MSc; Stephen Emegbo, MSc; Gregory P. Whyte, PhD; Neil Stanley, PhD

Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 18, 127 132 (2007)