Originally conceived to be of benefit and to help stabilise the development of dementia in the elderly, Goldster has evolved into an online membership platform created to inspire and make accessible and enjoyable content for anyone over 50, no matter their health. The objective is to make leading a more active, interesting, fun and ultimately healthy life more attractive as well as accessible.

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The platform offers members over 300 live virtual classes a month on subjects as diverse as Nutrition, Tai Chi, Painting, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Photography and Live Book and Author events. The philosophy and methodology behind it all are to guide mind, body and spirit towards healthier living and a longer life, but one essential element underlying it all is of course purpose in life, the passion and the grit it takes to achieve one’s goals.

A new programme has been launched, ‘Purpose, Passion and Grit‘ and for which, having been interviewed myself, I have now swopped hats and are one of the presenters. I am joined by three other presenters of note:

Lucinda Hawksley (no relation) – a descendant of Charles Dickens, author and speaker.

Humphrey Hawksley – former BBC Correspondent, author and commentator (not a rellie of Lucinda’s!).

Alastair Hignell – former English Cricket Captain and Captain of England Rugby team who left sports after being diagnosed with MS and is now an inspirational lecturer and speaker for Sporting Memories.

For my own bi-monthly interviews, I will be seeking inspiring examples of people, both famous and unknown, who have turned hardship or challenges into life-enhancing achievement through adventure and exploration. 



May 2024

A case of my expedition boot being on the other foot recently, as instead of my usual role as Goldsters Interviewer, it was my turn to be interviewed, happily by the inimitable Humphrey Hawksley. Guests joining in were the best-selling crime novelist David Mark whose dark stories belie the author’s warmth and northern humour, and Harry Bucknall – ex-Coldstream Guardsman, these days best described as a C21st pilgrim of sorts, walking huge distances (we’re talking thousands of miles) to cathedrals driven by a compulsion, and enjoyment, of writing his journeys up – in a most engaging way which reflects his ebullient and affable character. Ably steered by Humphrey it was all great fun with the focus on purpose in life which needless to say with three such diverse characters was the brief but the conversations went off track most of the time!

Rose Cecil

March 2024

Benedict Allen (Part II)

February 2024

Benedict Allen (Part I)

December 2023

Photo credit: Martin Hartley

Vanessa O’Brien

October 2023

Preet Chandi

September 2023

George Butler

August 2023

Photo credit: Dzvinka Pinchuk

Pom Oliver

July 2023

Phil Packer

June 2023

Annabel Heseltine

May 2023

Carolyn Ellis

April 2023

Rosie Stancer

March 2023

Rosie Stancer

February 2023

Mensum Bound

January 2023

Neil Laughton

December 2022

Pen Hadow

December 2022

Amy Williams

November 2022

The Sinai Team

October 2022

Dr Kate Rawles

August 2022

Photo credit: Chris Loynes

Martin Hartley

August 2022

Mike Laird

July 2022

Steve Jones

June 2022

Charles Blackmore

May 2022

Ann Daniels

May 2022

Mike Laird

April 2022

Roz Savage

March 2022

Arabella Dorman

February 2022

Colonel John Blashford-Snell

January 2022

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