One of the TAK team owns the best Fitness & Gym Centre in East Anglia and one of the Centres services is First Aid. Here we see two team members being given a refresher course on ‘Dave the Dumb’ by Lee Watts, the centres owner and former Paratrooper, who together with Rosie and three other team mates will be crossing the Dunes of Oman later this year. To quote one reviewer of this Gym in Colchester “This is what a Gym should be, with proper instructors, proper equipment and a focus on effort and results. Importantly the atmosphere is not intimidating or clique, Lee gives the place a real club feel, with a jokey sense of common purpose. This is not Gung Ho wanna bee territory this is a place with a solid professional ethos catering for all in a diverse respectful culture” Unquote. Check out : LWfitness4All