Countdown to the Sinai Expedition departure has begun with the core team leaving the UK in Autumn 2022.  Join the caravan of expeditioners, bedouin and camels as they follow ancient Bedu routes, over the alluvial plains, along wadi systems, through the desertscapes and across the granite mountains of a land that has changed little since the time of Moses.

Experience the expedition through the eyes of the team and voices of the bedouin to discover, learn and reflect upon what is found from the land they all journey through together and examine what the modern threats might be to an ancient way of life. What will they discover that surprises them and how will they find the impact of global climate change upon the desertscape, its biodiversity and its nomadic people? What do they see as symptoms of their world changing, and why and how do they see their future?

We believe in the value of the work we are undertaking where we take a close-up view of today’s problems whilst exploring tomorrow’s solutions. Such immersive undertakings are only made possible by our sponsors and the support of all those who likewise recognise the need to learn from the ground. As in the Bedu culture of story-telling, sharing their findings to a broad audience gives a voice to those who go unheard.

The team will be reporting in and sharing what they uncover on today’s threats to an ancient way of life on Rosie’s Instagram, Facebook page and this website.