Today’s threats to an ancient way of life

In March 2023, Rosie journeyed across the Sinai Peninsula, from the northwest to the very southeast.  You can find out more about this expedition on either her Instagram, Facebook or the Expedition Diary on this website.


A journey across the Sinai Peninsula

Following the crossing of the Aral Kum in August 2021, the Sinai crossing in 2023 represented the Second Expedition in the desert trilogy led by Rosie.

Each expedition explores the effects of climate change on different environments and communities. The Sinai expedition focused on the impact of climatic changes on the Bedu, their traditions, culture and way of life, whilst lending them a voice to express their own experiences and how they see their future.

The desert team included Pom Oliver, Arabella Dorman and Lee Watts walked some 650 km, from one water point to the next, accompanied by Bedu from Mzeina, Jebeleya and Aliquat tribes. Camels bore the equipment and supplies. Besides the environmental research, the team filmed, photographed and painted throughout their journey.

Funds were raised for The Scientific Expedition Society, a charity founded by the living legend of exploration, Colonel John Blashford-Snell, which enables young people to ‘pioneer with purpose’, exploring remote regions whilst conducting scientific research and supporting community projects.

 A bespoke hourglass has been made in honour of the expedition, representing the passage of time for both mankind and the planet.

Filled with desert sand, designed by Alan Chan of Hong Kong and hand-blown by leading Czech glass manufacturers Lasvit, this symbolic piece was auctioned online recently.


Rosie Stancer

Team Leader

Founder of The Desert Trilogy, Rosie has put together this expedition and selected the team. Embedded in each of her trilogy expeditions, are messages relating to climate change and its impact on those environments, and the lives of the local communities.

Rosie adheres to her principle that expeditions of merit warrant a worthy legacy – one of discovery, learning and sharing as widely as possible. An irrepressible optimist, Rosie forever seeks to find a positive, but honest message, by way of feasible, constructive solutions.

Pom Oliver

Deputy Leader

With a background in film production, Pom will be directing all the filming and much of the photography and its editing. Known as ‘Nursie’ on previous polar expeditions, Pom will also run the physiological data gathering which will focus on the psychological impact on the team.  Fittingly, Pom has, for many years, been very active in supporting a variety of mental health-related charities.

A polar explorer of both the north and south poles, including two with Rosie, Pom is an experienced pair of hands. During covid travel restrictions, Rosie and Pom walked the full length of the Monarch’s Way, (King Charles II’s escape route) before teaming up again to cross the Aral Kum in 2021. 

Lee Watts

Med & Comms – Team Coach

Lee is qualified in a reassuringly broad spectrum of medical skills and is a bit of a wizard on signals and communications. He is also the expedition fitness and strength coach.


  • Ex Parachute Regiment, tours include NI, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize,
    Canada, Falklands, Oman, Slovenia
  • Gym owner LWFITNESS4ALL
  • Frec4 Ambulance Technician own LWFIRSTAID4ALL
  • Keen Winter/summer Climber
  • Crew Member RNLI Clacton​
  • Triathlete (Half Ironman events, Triathlon Events)

Arabella Dorman

Expedition Artist

Arabella Dorman is an award-winning, internationally renowned artist and one of Britain’s leading portrait painters. Arabella’s previous work explored the realities of modern day conflict, its immediate impacts and long-term consequences. Her experience in war zones and artistic work is proof enough that Arabella is of the right metal.

On the Sinai Crossing, Arabella will be capturing the diversity of the desertscape along with the faces of the bedouin. Not only will her work represent a crucial part of the visual legacy of the expedition, but it will serve as a conduit for opening up the lines of communication between the British members of the team and the accompanying Bedouin.


Photo Credit: Images of Rosie training were taken by Adam Hughes for the Sunday Times


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