Jackson Swiss Partners

At Jackson Swiss Partners we design and build tested FX Hedging policy in order to help corporates and institutions achieve maximum efficiency when managing multiple currency pairs. We focus on FX Risk Management, International payments and Bespoke Hedging Policy Implementation.

As an independent consultancy, we do not have external investors and uniquely, do not set internal sales targets against our clients. This gives us the freedom to provide transparent solutions and do the best job for our clients, on every single occasion!

DD Hammocks

DD has been at the forefront of hammock camping since 2005. Our exciting range of gear is the result of extensive knowledge, development, prototyping and testing, as well as some great feedback and suggestions made by many people along the way.

We work hard to offer a growing range of hammocks, tarps, tents and various other camping accessories, suitable for use in every environment all over the world – helping people of all ages and experience levels to get outside and explore the outdoors.


Seattle-based GRAYL® makes innovative water purifiers for international travellers and outdoor explorers so their adventures can be safe, self-reliant, and awe-inspiring. Since 2016, Grayl purifiers have hydrated hundreds of thousands of adventures. Grayl believes the greatest moments of life occur when one travels beyond their comfort zone, takes risks, builds connections with different cultures, and returns home as a global citizen. GRAYL is distributed worldwide and is a member of 1% for the Planet, contributing a portion of every sale to non-profit organizations that protect and preserve the natural environment.

Wise Grapes

Tailored wine tastings for beginners to connoisseurs in the venue of your choice. Unlock the mystery of wine with Catriona Palmer and learn the art of winemaking to food and wine matching. 

Catriona has worked for the biggest names in the British wine trade spending well over a decade at Berry Brothers & Rudd and Justerini & Brooks. She has enjoyed an enviable career immersed in the world of fine wines, travelling globally tasting hidden gems as well as the classics. With a wealth of knowledge and an easy engaging style, combined with unique knowledge of and access to Justerini & Brooks’s exceptional portfolio.

Bremont Watches

Bremont aims to make exquisitely engineered mechanical timepieces on British soil with the lofty objective of reinvigorating the nation’s horological past, using our adventurous spirit, passion for detail, desire to innovate and dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

Great Britain has a wonderful history when it comes to watchmaking and has probably been the home to more advances in horology than any other nation. Bremont is determined to play a pivotal role in the reinvigoration of this industry on British shores. Bremont builds many of its own watch components and assembles all of their watches at its state-of-the-art parts manufacturing facility in Henley-on-Thames.

Rosie is not only proud to wear her watch on every expedition but regards as it a critical piece of kit that she can look to for precision, reliability and as a navigational aid.

White de Groote

Based in Chichester West Sussex: White de Groote Construction Ltd. is a small brotherhood of a broad variation of craftsmen who will undertake the awkward and the extraordinary in almost any field encompassing design, fabrication, construction and execution in a vast cross-section of modern and classical materials.
We have been asked to design and build all manner of non standard bespoke items:
Damming 1000s of cubic meters of river water on rivers hidden in hanging valleys with limited access utilising bulk bagged soil and aggregate and membrane damming:
Bridging walkways in tension and suspension over inaccessible gorges.
The fabrication of lightweight portable wire tension bridging gear for glacier & crevasse travel.
Building of highly complex steel, flint and glass luxury dwellings in highly exposed coastal locations.
Constructing specialised sidecars for expedition goods transport to carry hang gliders.
Construction of complex Gabion cage and flexible robust steel and timber frame tidal coastal defences.
Recreating decayed architectural parts for listed structures on churches Chapels and large country houses.
+ 101 other peculiar and difficult things along the way.
Where others shy away tutting ‘too difficult’, if there is a realistic & viable solution to be found, we will find it, create it, persevere and conquer the odds.
– Fortis In Adversis –


LW Fitness 4 All


Lee is a member of the core expedition team and normally accompanies Rosie & Pom.  This year, he remains on board as the online medic whilst bringing his UK fitness training business back into full sail in the aftermath of the covid lock-downs. 

Lee is also part of the training team for the last degree across the North Pole, training individuals on zoom from all over Europe and the UK.

Justerini & Brooks

Fine Wine & Spirits Merchants, established in 1749. We were awarded our first Royal Warrant by King George III in 1761, and we are proud to have been granted this honour by every successive British monarch since, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a fine wine and spirits merchant, we understand that making something really special takes time. From the grower who makes the wine, to grapes that end up in your glass; it is our responsibility to respect our producers’ livelihoods for our customers’ enjoyment. Curating and collecting, guiding with expert care and attention, and ensuring that every step of the way we abide by our own high standards and principals, are attributes that are vital to not only our wine portfolio, but also our philanthropic endeavours.

Ensuring we share blended value approaches with charities, both locally and globally. Engaging with our communities through targeted giving, promoting sensible, ethical and sustainable partnerships. Through our position in the Royal Warrant Holding community, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and QEST, we can provide support to charities that in turn act as a symbol of trust and inspiration to others.

We are delighted to support The Aral Kum Crossing expedition as an endeavour that shares the same values as our own.


Castleacre Insurance are experienced Private Client Insurance Brokers arranging insurance for Family Offices, Trustees, Estates, European Homes, Museums and Galleries.

Castleacre focus on clients who need more understanding and attention and in contrast to increasingly impersonal insurance services, Castleacre clients benefit from a direct relationship with a senior dedicated insurance advisor, who is there to offer risk and market guidance and support in the event of a claim.


Climate must be at the core of every decision. The climate now demands unprecedented decision-making clarity to strengthen our collective resilience. Clarity that drives change at a transformative pace and on a massive scale. Clarity that only Climate Intelligence can deliver.

Cervest’s Climate Intelligence is built on three core principles: irrefutable and evolving science, quantification for every asset, and open access for all. Seeing and sharing the risks we face and the actions we must take creates a Climate Intelligence Network™ — enabling us to collaborate with transparency and adapt as we transition to a low-carbon society.


WheelEEZ® polyurethane balloon wheels are equipped with unique, pliable, pneumatic tyres that will roll, even glide, over soft sand, turf and other challenging terrains. The tyre’s low-pressure permits rolling heavy loads over unstable/uneven ground with ease.

These unique balloon wheels will not sink or plough into soft ground. They are great for use on delicate surfaces preventing indentations, as well as providing shock-absorbing qualities.

Read more in their latest blog here.

Alatau Customs Services

All Range of Customs Clearance Services and E-Customs HS Code, Non-tariff Regulations and Technical Descriptions Preliminary Classification Decisions for single HS Code Checking and Consulting on Documents Preparation Project Services and Dedicated / In-house Team Concepts

Certificates of Conformity of Eurasian Union; Declarations of Conformity and Preparation of DocCertificates of Conformity of Eurasian Union; Documents State Registration of Materials Testing Laboratories with Eurasian Union Accreditations;

The Bertling Group

Bertling specialises in the safe, effective and timely delivery of specialist cargo to challenging or remote locations, whether across difficult terrains or seas.

Locally we have been operating in Kazakhstan providing Project Freight Forwarding services to the Oil & Gas industry for over 25 years.


Airswift has been a global workforce solutions provider to the energy, process, infrastructure, mining and technology industries for over 40 years.

We serve as a strategic partner to our clients specialising in talent acquisition, global employment and mobility, consulting and managed solutions.


Magway is an all-electric, zero-emissions, low-footprint, high-capacity delivery system. Faster, smarter, safer and cheaper than existing solutions, it has the capacity to take up to 90% of online delivery vehicles off our roads, drastically reducing congestion, pollution and the carbon footprint of shopping online. Magway can deliver the equivalent of 20,000 40ft container loads through each 1m diameter pipe, per week.

Giving people what they want, when they want it. Guilt-free.

Ross Handling

Ross Handling is the official UK supplier of Wheeleez. With their ability to glide over challenging terrains with a range of low-pressure pneumatic wheels, these wheels are commonly known as ‘balloon wheels’

For those with restricted mobility create beach wheelchairs to make vacations more accessible or attach these balloon tyres to fishing trolleys or beach carts to make carrying water sport accessories easier.

We off the full range of WheelEEZ products including Beach Trolleys, Boat Trolleys, Kayak Trolleys and Jet Ski Trolleys. Or create your own using our DIY kit.

Read more here about our involvement with the forthcoming Aral Kum expedition.


Klere was set up by a group of like-minded partners who share a vision to drive down corporate carbon emissions by bringing to bear our collective abilities and track record in change management. Companies have to respond to the net-zero agenda, and Klere is here to help them achieve it. The team has a wealth of experience in defining, managing and delivering operational change programmes. Alongside operational change, Klere Earth offers nature-based carbon mitigation and biodiversity gain solutions providing opportunities to offset remaining emissions. We are directly engaged in natural regeneration projects in the UK and are on a mission to engage corporates on this vital journey.

In Kazakhstan, Klere is joining a UNDP initiative to grow drought resistant black saxaul (Haloxylon ammodendron) which is specially adapted to survive in the harsh conditions of the Aralkum. Saxaul captures carbon but equally importantly in this region, it fixes soil against wind erosion, builds soil carbon, and traps moisture. Each successful plant becomes a micro-climate in itself and builds biodiversity around it.

We wish Rosie great success and will be with her every step of the way looking out for suitable sites for our saxaul seedlings!

Alan Chan Design Company

Being a designer, brand consultant and artist, Chan and his company have won more than 600 local and international awards during his past 45 years in advertising and design. Since 2000, Alan ventured into the new arena of visual arts. Besides being selected for Shanghai Biennale and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award, he is also the first Hong Kong designer being invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum in 2007. Another retrospective exhibition in Hong Kong Heritage Museum back in 2003 also received widespread acclaim. In 2010, Chan developed his iPhone photography series ‘iEye-ai’, which has been exhibited in various cities including Beijing, Milan, Osaka, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. His works of art and design have been collected by institutions such as the National Art Museum in China, Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Heritage Museum, as well as private collectors in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Italy and the USA.


Veritas are an independently owned investment management boutique with a strong partnership culture. We offer our clients the benefits of independence, stability and a long-term perspective with a focus on generating real returns. With offices in London and Zurich, we currently manage over £2 billion


Beauty and elegance came together in the heart of Europe and made Czech glass, also known as Bohemian, famous for its uniqueness and extraordinary quality. It became the decoration of choice in nearly every palace for centuries. Whether cut, blown or otherwise embellished, the sights of Roman Emperor Rudolf II, French king Louis XV or Empress Elizabeth the Great of Russia surely occasionally fell on its sparkling surface as they were shaping human history.

The brand Lasvit, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič, sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes it into the next millennium. Lasvit combines the authenticity of glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. In a few short years, Lasvit has established itself as the authority delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass.

Pureland Foundation

The Pureland Foundation supports institutions, charities and programmes that promote social, spiritual and emotional wellness, with an emphasis on art and music. Pure Land in Buddhism refers to the realm of higher consciousness and peace. Although not based in any religion, the Foundation seeks to create and promote the interconnectedness and sense of “pure land” in our daily lives.

The Pureland Foundation was founded by Bruno Wang, a philanthropist, cultural patron and businessman. The Foundation reflects Mr Wang’s well-established interests in meditation, holistic wellbeing, art and music.

We are also keen to thank all the independent & personal sponsors, whose support has not only contributed to the funding behind each expedition but also provided an immensely important source of motivation.








Stepping Stones Recruitment

Brynje clothing

Cebe Eyewear

M&G Group


British Telecom

McVitie’s Penguin Biscuits

Sharpham Park