In 2018 Rosie led her team of women and two ex-military men through the more remote and less trodden dunes of the Wahiba Sands, or as it is known today, the Sharqiya Sands.

The expedition was undertaken as a training exercise in navigating, survival and cameleering in anticipation of a forthcoming major expedition through the Taklamakan(*) in China. The team travelled with camels bearing their equipment and supplies, from the north to the south and across to the coast on the eastern side. Various scenarios, as well as drills, were carried out to equip the team with skills, knowledge and confidence to cope with any situations that might occur on a desert eg Taklamakan, expedition.

Physiological research was gathered throughout including analysis on different team members responses to testing situations and their individual coping strategies,




 * The timing of this expedition waits on an unsavoury combination of the settling of the political disruptions in Xinjiang combined with the restrictions imposed by China to contain the Coronavirus.